Simple, cost effective and scalable solutions that help organizations stay ahead of network demands

Why Smartoptics? The answer is easy.

From airlines to hospitals. Banks to governmental organizations. Smartoptics helps organizations large and small keep up with the expanding demand of data flow. Our multi-channel optical fiber transmission solutions are the technology of choice for corporate data centers, campuses and enterprises in general. That’s because they are simple, cost effective, scalable and future proof. And enable huge amounts of data traffic to be transported over a dark fiber network. Smartoptics solutions are simple to design and install lowering both capital and operating costs. Easy to buy. Easy to install. Easy to maintain.

Getting the most from dark fiber

To deal with the constant and ever growing demand for bandwidth-hungry services and applications enterprises require simple, cost effective and scalable networking solutions. Solutions that enable huge amounts of data traffic to be transported over dark fiber networks. With additional capacity set aside for future growth as demand for bandwidth continues to rise.

Corporate data centers also need to store and replicate vast quantities of data over their fiber networks. As requirements grow the data replication strategy needs to grow with it, resulting in a headache for the SAN (storage area network) and WAN (wide area network) managers. Smartoptics approach is to simplify DWDM and allow enterprise data centers to build powerful and cost effective solutions to meet network capacity needs today and tomorrow.

“The Smartoptics M-Series platform offered us the simplest installation solution. We deployed the product quickly and easily. It was literally plug and play – we were up and running in minutes.”
— Jan Svarrer Sølvsten, Senior SAN Architect, NNIT

More robust networks through Smartoptics M-Series

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High capacity solutions for increased competitiveness

Hosting providers need high-capacity and high speed protocols for their customers. In a competitive market costs have to be low, with no hit on quality and reliability of service. Managing services over dark fiber network requires reliable systems. Long range transmission capabilities. Monitoring of the individual service delivery traffic channels. Simplicity is a must to avoid unwanted and unnecessary running costs and service engineers.

“We see ourselves at the forefront when it comes to technical innovation. Smartoptics was the only vendor that could meet our technical and commercial requirements. The traditional carrier grade systems offered by far more than we needed. Smartoptics M-Series provided the perfect fit.”
— Kate Baker, Custodian, UK

Meeting client demand through M-Series

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Resilient networks for demanding organisations

Governments struggle with the growing demand of transporting huge amounts of data. Traffic made up of highly sensitive information. It is vital that they have a resilient way of transporting sensitive information between sites. They require encrypted systems that are easy to operate and install. Ones certified and approved by leading manufacturers.  Easily monitored. And expanded.  With no downtime or need to forklift to new platforms.

Parliament house, Canberra, Australia.

“We replaced an installation for a large governmental organization. The cost for the brand new Smartoptics solution was the same as the yearly maintenance contract for the old system. Smartoptics is better, smarter and faster.”
— Ian Deane, IDS, Australia

Protecting borders, protecting networks through Smartoptics

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Price competitive solutions for high-speed networks

Cable TV operators and MSOs (Multiple Service Operators) need to transport vast quantities of data across their fiber networks. As data rates, applications and the sheer quantity of data continues to increase, the need to quickly and efficiently transport  data becomes increasingly challenging. The efficiency of the network, and therefore the operator, is defined  by the quality of the fiber network and by the choice of transmission equipment. Both will further determine levels of cost and performance.

Running fiber services is extremely cost sensitive. As services and speeds continue to increase, pricing must remain competitive. Owning a fiber network means a considerable financial outlay. Smartoptics offer solutions that secure network capacity while maximizing financial payback.

Multi Service Provider

CWDM is an extremely convenient and simple way to extend data centers for our clients. It allows them to handle huge chunks of data between film production locations and Hollywood studios. And the ROI is unbeatable—for one client it was less than six months
— Billy Russell, VP of Technology, Alliance IT

Award-winning networking in the spotlight

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CMTS traffic backhauling