Support services that ensures maximum efficiency, minimum disruption and most value for money

Services & support

We at Smartoptics pride ourselves on providing the best support to ensure our customers experience maximum efficiency, minimum disruption and the most value for money. From purchase to ongoing maintenance. Our service and support is designed to ensure that if there are any problems, they are solved quickly and efficiently.


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Network design

We offer a complimentary optical transmission design service. This includes a bill of materials (BOM) to match the future proofing fiber and network requirements of every individual network task as well as recommendations for spare parts. The service also ensures interoperability with third-party equipment, wavelength management, power budget, signal amplification and fiber dispersion calculations.

For storage networks when Fibre Channel or FICON protocols are used, we provide buffer to buffer (BB) credit allocation rules to ensure that full network capacity is achieved.

From a metro point-to-point network to a regional enterprise network with many add/drop sites, our team of experts provide you with the most efficient and cost optimized design to meet current and ongoing needs.

For a future proof cost optimized network design, please download and  complete the xWDM design survey document and submit it with a network diagram showing the fiber and site connectivity layout to

Staging and installation support

Our pre-stage service encompasses building up and testing the network in our lab. This ensures the network is fully operational ahead of shipping and saves valuable time during the installation period. We also offer an installation support service where we help set up and configure equipment throughout the network. This is a service where higher speeds and longer distances are required in an active DWDM platform.

Training and education

Smartoptics offers training programs for everything from XWDM basics to our product portfolio and how to design and implement an optimized network to meet your current and ongoing capacity requirements. Our programs can be delivered at a customer site or in one of our labs. We want you to feel comfortable using our solutions and confident about getting the most out of them. Our goal is to mix theoretical with practical information to leave you with a good overall understanding of how your network works and to maximize its efficiency and longevity.

Our portfolio is designed to make optical networking as simple as possible—something reflected in our training programs.  When training is completed, users can design, install, operate and manage a transmission network using Smartoptics products. A pre-requisite knowledge of data networking and preferably fiber optics is helpful.

Technical support

Our aim is to meet our customer’s network expectations by designing the most quality and cost optimized network as possible. Solutions that meet immediate needs and can adapt to future ones. Our team of engineers is available to help with network design, planning and component selection. And are there to ensure that if anything does need support after the network has been installed, issues will be addressed rapidly.

Extended warranty service

Smartoptics’ extended warranty service (EWS) allows the customer to extend the term of the support warranty beyond the standard term. When purchasing the EWS, no additional repair costs are then incurred during the term of the contract should a product need to be returned for repair or replacement.

EWS is an optional support element that can be purchased for any Smartoptics product. All repairs or replacements are handled at Smartoptics centralized warehouse and production facility in Oslo, Norway. EWS can be purchased from date of shipment of goods on an annual basis.

Only a product within warranty can have the warranty extended.

Extended warranty

Read more about our EWS in the Datasheet

Advanced product replacement (APR)

APR is an optional support element that can be purchased for any Smartoptics product. All repairs or replacements are handled at Smartoptics centralized warehouse and production facility in Oslo, Norway.  APR is purchased from date of shipment of goods and is available up to a maximum period of seven years. Alternatively it can be renewed on an annual basis. APR provides a replacement part with same or similar functionality to the failed part.

Advanced product replacement

Read more about our APR in the Datasheet