Oslo, Norway, – 2nd May 2016 – Norway-based Smartoptics, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, has a whole new way to build efficient, scalable high-capacity networks. Today they’ve launched the first in a new family of products designed to make data transfer over dark fiber simpler and more cost effective.

Introducing the DCP portfolio, a plug-and-play, high-density, 100G modular transponder and muxponder family of products.  The first of these are the DCP-101, the world’s most power-efficient 100G transponder, and the DCP-2, a 1U by 19” chassis.

“A growing number of enterprises want to manage their own data and fiber networks, especially between their own data centers,” says Sean Davies, Co-Founder and Marketing Director. “Until now, this has meant using the traditional telecom-grade, chassis-based systems. But enterprises don’t need a scaled-down solution that a carrier would use – they need something that fits their current needs and scales up as they grow.”

Smartoptics first disrupted the market with its M-Series, the world’s first intelligent multiplexer family. Now comes the DCP portfolio, which includes the most power-efficient 100G transponder in the world.

The first two products of this family are the DCP-101 and the DCP-2.

The DCP-101 is a 100G transponder designed to simplify 100G networking and build capacity, without adding unnecessary cost or hardware. It allows the use of the popular QSFP28 on the input, and has a CFP output. This makes it possible to use smaller, more compact components but get the longer distance and DWDM connectivity of a larger, more complex system. DCP-101 has the lowest power consumption in the world of any 100G transponder and, at half the width of 19”, is also one of the smallest.

The DCP-2 is a 1U by 19” chassis that provides a common backplane to two DCP modules to slide into a single shelf in a rack. This 1U approach also makes individual module and spares handling much simpler than traditional transponder based systems.

“We’ve rethought the whole approach to data transfer over dark fiber and come up with this system that fits into the existing IT setup of enterprises, corporate data centers and governments alike,” says Sean Davies. “We’re proud to say that it really is plug-and-play.”

With DCP, network engineers don’t have to become telecoms engineers just to manage the transfer of data between data centers. Additionally, the hardware design requires no new cabinets, and offers real flexibility. Customers can place DCP modules close to where they need them, allowing for a much more convenient distributed DWDM architecture.


About Smartoptics

Smartoptics offers optical transmission solutions making networks more powerful. Expanding bandwidth without the upfront investment or hassle of traditional WDM.  Products from Smartoptics allow corporate data centers, governments, hosting solution providers and ISPs to build simple, straightforward and cost effective solutions to fulfill their ongoing and future network capacity needs. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Smartoptics is an international provider with thousands of installations all around the world. The award-winning approach has helped companies from every industry sector stay ahead of expanding network demands. Learn more at www.smartoptics.com