Smartoptics’ embedded 16/8G Fibre Channel solutions validated by HPE

Oslo, Norway, – 26th September 2016 – Smartoptics, a global supplier of optical networking solutions, today announced that its intelligent 16/8G FC and 10GE C/DWDM solutions have been validated by and added to HPE Complete. The transceivers are approved for use in all the latest HPE Fibre Channel switches, offering low-cost and high capacity connectivity based on WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing).

HPE Complete has validated Smartoptics embedded xWDM solutions for use in its B-Series Fibre Channel and Ethernet switches. The solutions offer the most cost-effective method of connecting Fibre Channel traffic over dark fiber networks. At the heart of the system is a mux/demux module. A passive 1U device which allows up to 80 channels of independent traffic channels to be simultaneously connected over a single dark fiber network. A wavelength specific CWDM or DWDM optical transceiver is connected in to the Fibre Channel switch and connects to the corresponding port on the mux/demux unit via an LC patch cable. This embedded approach to C/DWDM networking means that separate specialist Telecom DWDM knowledge is no longer required and opex and spares cost are minimal. The result is the ultimate green data center.

HPE Complete has also validated Smartoptics M-Series platform. A revolutionary passive DWDM multiplexer that monitors signal and fiber conditions and can amplify traffic signals for long distance networking. An intelligent module that combines the simplicity of the passive WDM approach with the features usually reserved for telecom grade DWDM systems. All in a 1U module. The inclusion in HPE Complete allows HPE customers to fully benefit from the advantages of intelligent embedded networking. Simplified network build, reduced networking costs and optimizing investment in network infrastructure.

Sean Davies, Marketing & OEM Director at Smartoptics says: “We are delighted that HPE has added our embedded C/DWDM solutions to their popular HPE Complete program. This approval will enable enterprises and governmental organizations to connect their data centers at even greater distances in a very cost-efficient manner, without compromising on the quality of service or bandwidth.”

Marty Lans, Senior Director of storage connectivity and interoperability at HPE adds, “As costs are saved by moving customer data from high-end arrays to the mid-range arrays, tier 1 resiliency is of prime importance. The low-cost Smartoptics products offered through HPE Complete augment HPE’s value proposition by extending the high resiliency of HPE’s mid-range storage solutions over a long distance. We are excited for our customers to deploy this solution and proactively manage their growing data center interconnect demands.”.

About Smartoptics

Smartoptics offers optical transmission solutions making networks more powerful. Expanding bandwidth without the upfront investment or hassle of traditional WDM.  Products from Smartoptics allow corporate data centers, governments, hosting solution providers and ISPs to build simple, straightforward and cost-effective solutions to fulfill their ongoing and future network capacity needs. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Smartoptics is an international provider with thousands of installations all around the world. The award-winning approach has helped companies from every industry sector stay ahead of expanding network demands. Learn more at