Smartoptics announces automated low-cost 100G DWDM PAM4 solution for Data Center Interconnect and Metro applications

Oslo, Norway – 13 December 2018 – Smartoptics, a leading provider of open optical networking solutions, today announced its new, cost optimized, fully automated 100G DWDM solution. This solution provides open 100G DWDM transport using Smartoptics DCP-M open line system and 100G PAM4 QFSP28 DWDM transceivers. The unique, low-cost and low-power solution is optimized for Data Center Interconnect (DCI), Metro Aggregation and Distributed Access at distances up to 80 km and leverages the newly standardized PAM4 signal modulation in QFSP28 form factor transceivers.

Smartoptics’ new 100G DWDM solution for short and medium reach interconnects up to 80 km, extends the company’s long history in low-cost DWDM transport using embedded transceivers and open line systems that reduce costs and increase flexibility for customers. By taking advantage of 100G PAM4 transceivers in the popular QFSP28 form factor and by designing an active, zero touch, open line system, Smartoptics has created a unique 100G DWDM solution ideally suited for applications such as Data Center Interconnect, Metro Aggregation and Distributed Access in fixed and mobile networks, while still following the same open optical networking principles providing superior economic benefits.

The solution integrates the 100G PAM4 QFSP28 DWDM transceiver and the DCP-M family of active multiplexers with fully automated client and line side control loops for plug-and-play operation. Smartoptics DCP-M comes in four versions for either 8 or 40 channels dedicated for either low cost 100G DWDM PAM4 traffic or for applications demanding any mix of PAM4, NRZ and coherent 100G or 400G channels. The solution is designed to deliver up to 4Tbit/s of bandwidth over a fiber pair and consumes less than 6 W/100G and 1U of data center rack space when deployed with PAM4 technology. When compared with around 45 W/100G for a traditional coherent solution with significantly lower density, this delivers un-paralleled operational efficiency.

To cater for situations where the switch/router does not allow for embedded 100G PAM4 transceivers, or when a dedicated demarcation point is required, the 100G DWDM solution also includes the new DCP-108 high-density, eight channel transponder for 100G DWDM PAM4.

Magnus Grenfeldt, CEO of Smartoptics commented: “Smartoptics has spent the last year enhancing its open optical networking platform for 100G DWDM between datacenters and other major network locations. The result is an open line system with unprecedented features and ease of use, providing enterprises, governments and service providers with the easiest and most cost-efficient way to interconnect sites. Once again Smartoptics has shown its capability of delivering solutions using state-of-the-art technology and filling a real need.”


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