Best-in-class optical transmission solutions approved by leading switch vendors and supported by select resellers

Smartoptics partner network

Our aim is to provide best in class optical transmission solutions, supported by a carefully selected team of resellers and approved with the world’s leading switch vendors. We have an international team of partners who offer local design, support and distribution of our solutions. We also have strategic alliances with some of the leading switch and solution vendors in the world.

Strategic partner alliances

Smartoptics provides 40GbE embedded DWDM solutions for long distance and multi-channel connectivity.

AgilePorts over DWDM for long distance 40GbE using Smartoptics

Embedded DWDM and distance extension solutions

Brocade partner

Smartoptics has been at the forefront of SAN extension solutions based on embedded xWDM technology since it introduced the worlds first 4G Fibre Channel embedded CWDM networks. Since then it has gone on to further develop 4G CWDM/DWDM, 8G CWDM/DWDM and 16G CWDM/DWDM systems all based on simple and cost effective embedded xWDM technology. During that period, Smartoptics has remained the only vendor to be approved with Brocade and its OEMs for these total solutions. Our latest developments allow 400km point to point 16G Fibre Channel connectivity.

Enabling simple Fibre Channel data center connectivity with embedded WDM

cisco partner

Smartoptics 16G and 8G Fibre Channel transceivers for Single Channel, CWDM and DWDM applications have been certified by Cisco for use in the latest 16G MDS* switch families. Customers can maximize their equipment investment with these certified transceiver solutions and build simple scalable networks that carry up to 8 CWDM channels or 80 DWDM channels over a single dark fiber connection. Any combination of SAN and WAN traffic can be easily combined over the same network. *32G FC and Nexus support in upcoming release

Cisco approved  16/8G FC transceivers

Interoperability Matrix for Cisco Nexus and MDS 9000 Products

Dell Technologies is Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream, and VMware. A collective force of innovative capabilities trusted all over the world to provide technology solutions and services that accelerate digital transformation. Together, Smartoptics and Dell provide simple and cost-effective 100G open line transmission solutions that enable the Dell Z9100-ON and S6100-ON 100G switch families to be connected over dark fiber.

Read more in the Dell and Smartoptics 100G distance extension and open line DWDM networking Solutions Brief


Smartoptics is one of the first vendors to achieve Dell EMC LOS (Letter Of Support) approval status. This means that all of our ELWL/CWDM/DWDM Fibre Channel solutions have been elab tested and are fully supported in a Dell EMC environment.

Dell EMC distance extension support – LOS

HPE Hewlett Packard’s customers run traditional IT environments, and many are transitioning to secure, cloud-enabled, mobile-friendly infrastructure. A number of them rely on a combination of both. Wherever they are in that journey, Smartoptics can provide the technology and solutions to help them succeed. Learn more about how Smartoptics and HPE Connect can help.

Smartoptics and HDS have been working together for many years in providing embedded CWDM & DWDM distance extension solutions to its customers all over the world. Smartoptics FC solutions for 4, 8 and 16G FC are supported by HDS.

IBM partner

Smartoptics is pleased to be approved IBM System Z applications. Our 16G DWDM FC solutions can be used with IBMs SAN384B-2 with blades FC16-32, FC16-48, FC16-64b, FC8-64b, FX8-24E, FX8-24.

IBM qualification letter

IP Infusion, the leader in disaggregated networking solutions, delivers the best network OS for white box and network virtualization. Smartoptics and IP Infusion partner together to provide true open line networking solutions allowing network operators to reduce network costs, increase flexibility, and to deploy new features and services quickly.

NetApp partner

Smartoptics has been working successfully with Netapp to provide revolutionary 8/16G Fibre Channel distance extension solutions for its Metrocluster product range. With our solutions, Metrocluster applications can be synchronously transmitted up to 500km apart. With the use of ER transceivers and our intelligent M-Series platform.

Read more at NetApp

Pica8 pioneers new open network switching technologies, offering a mainstream alternative to legacy proprietary systems. Smartoptics provide a full range of 100G coherent and PAM4 data center interconnect (DCI) solutions supporting the PicOS™ network operating system.

Integration partners: distributors, integrators and VARs.

We have an international team of partners who offer local design, support and distribution of our solutions. These partners are a combination of resellers, integrators and value added resellers all with one thing in common: to provide excellent solutions for their customers network requirements. It is our goal to continually provide the most user friendly and cost optimized solutions on the market to ensure both their continued success and satisfied customers.

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