Welcome to new Smartoptics.com

A year ago we asked a number of our existing customers and partners how we could improve our communication to support your daily life. We received lots of valuable feedback. You emphasized the importance of turning our company web site into a hub for communication. As buyers (and partners) at all levels in your organizations, you do increasingly more of your research on the web, before meeting in person. And you expect to find inspiration and information not only about our offerings but on all aspects of smart, WDM-based, optical solutions. We had this feedback in mind when developing the new Smartoptics.com site.

Our goal is that you, whether you are a systems engineer, a CIO, a financial director or a solutions integrator should be able to find what you need to know around fiber optical solutions on Smartoptics.com

Educational content

Through the survey we were reminded that our role as a leading provider of optical networking solutions also comes with the responsibility to take an educational role in the marketplace. We have been successful in communicating the technical features and functionality of our offerings, but a high-level presentation of the solutions and the technology behind our products was also required. Not everyone has discovered the benefits of WDM solutions. And even more importantly, not everyone has fully realized the opportunities for simple yet powerful cost-efficient WDM solutions for enterprise networking.

To close that gap, we introduced new, more educational content like whitepapers, guides and articles highlighting different topics. You can find all available communication resources in our News & Resources library. And we’ll continue to update it.

Storytelling and success stories

Storytelling, and showing how our products can be deployed in real-life solutions to revolutionize fiber optical networks has been another focus area. We decided to give more room for featuring past and current projects and telling the story behind them. We are also introducing a number of new case studies telling the stories of how corporate enterprises, hosting providers and government around the world expand their network horizons with Smartoptics.


Updated product material and collaterals

Communicating the benefits of our products to all levels in your organization is fundamental to our continued success. As part of this effort, we have given some extra love and care to updating most of our product material and sales collateral. To get a glimpse of what we have done, please have a look at the new Smartoptics company brochure and the M-Series product brochure. For our extensive portfolio of new product sheets visit the Products section.

We have taken the first steps toward creating our communication hub on the web and will continue our journey during 2016. We welcome your comments and feedback on how we can continue to improve. Maybe you want to contribute with a story for an article. Or you might want us to present your story as a featured customer case. Drop us a mail at marketing@smartoptics.com

And in the meantime, we invite you to visit the new face of Smartoptics on www.smartoptics.com.