Why invest

Smartoptics is perfectly positioned to continue its growth journey and increase profitability driven by consumer and technology mega trends, inhouse developed technology and a favorable positioning in the market.


1. Strong growth in the underlying market

Our industry is fueled by an ever-growing demand for bandwidth. The volume of data and information is expected to grow by 29 percent yearly in the period 2019-2024. There is no viable alternative to fiber optics when it comes to building the digital superhighways required to meet this need.  regardless of if it is about connecting datacenters or 5G base stations.

The kind of optical networking solutions that Smartoptics provide are therefore a pre-requisite for growth – in any market or application related to communication.

The growth rate for data in fiber optical networks is predicted to be strong in the foreseeable future. This growth fuels investments in fiber optical solutions, which is our core market.


2. Smartoptics competitive landscape is favorable

The In the past three years have seen a dramatic consolidation among optical systems manufacturers has taken place. Most mid-size vendors have been acquired by larger system houses. Traditionally, these mid-sizes vendors have successfully served alternative Teir 2 operators and enterprise customers with products focused on mid-range applications in terms of capacity and reach. The consolidation has therefore created a gap in the market. With a new innovative systems platform and a strong brand among our customers, Smartoptics accepts the challenge to fill this gap.


3. Innovative and flexible open optical networking systems, software and devices addressing high growth applications and market segments

Smartoptics has developed a unique product offering, targeting metro and regional applications, such as data center interconnect and back haul for broadband and 5G.Going forward, the addressable market will be increased as Smartoptics’ technology and product roadmap outlines new applications, new customer categories, new technology orchestrated by one holistic software platform​.


4. Proven track record and clear long-term targets

Smartoptics has an experienced management team with many years of background from companies like Ericsson, Transmode and Infinera. During the period 2016 to 2020, Smartoptics average revenue growth rate was 23%, which is significantly faster than the overall optical networking market. Our target is to continue to outgrow the market.