Colorado Springs gets connected with simple and effective M-Series DWDM

District 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the sixth largest school district in the state. It has 60 schools all of which are working to serve students with individualized programs designed to meet their specific needs. What District 11 was lacking: shared network capacity. The district needed to significantly expand capacity and offer all of its schools a wavelength service to handle their current and ongoing needs.

Optical protection was also required, and in the event of a fiber cut the service had to seamlessly carry on regardless. Distances were such that amplification was required at several key sites. District 11 turned to Smartoptics for help. Their solution was the best value transmission system available with the simplest approach. Smartoptics revolutionary M-Series platform is a 1U DWDM multiplexer with built-in amplification, signal conditioning and optical management.

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