Synchronous data replication: Simple.
Like it should be

Corporate data centers, campus networks and all enterprises have to deal with the ever growing demand for bandwidth-hungry services and applications. These requirements continue to grow and so must the data replication strategy , resulting in a headache for  SAN (storage area network) managers.

Smartoptics has been addressing this problem since 2006. And in that time we’ve partnered with Brocade and its major OEMs. Our solutions are approved by both, so quality and interoperability are guaranteed as standard. Customers no longer need to rely on overly complicated and expensive transponder- based telecom DWDM systems when embedded DWDM is available at a fraction of the cost and without the complexity.

Smartoptics embedded data center connectivity solutions are ideally placed to offer the simplest and lowest cost method of delivering data over a single dark fibre network. Smartoptics solutions are able to handle any combination of 4, 8 and 16G FC traffic over a dark fibre, from 1 to 80+ channels if required. With a simple multiplexer (managed or unmanaged) at the heart of our solutions, we keep cost and complexity to a bare minimum yet sacrifice none of the capacity of the  traditional DWDM telecom based systems. In fact, with Smartoptics embedded approach to networking, the FC switch features which are often lost are enabled by using our embedded approach.

Embedded DWDM is simple and low cost, both to procure and to run. Spares are minimal and there are no hidden monthly running  fees. Since it’s   an embedded system (no power), there is no excess noise or power emissions. Embedded DWDM also means  minimal latency compared to transponder-based DWDM platforms. Taking up just 1U of valuable rack space, the result is the ultimate green data center networking solution for corporate data centers and campus network connectivity. Synchronous replication of data made simple and convenient – as it should be.

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