Smartoptics M-OADM
Simple and flexible OADM networking

Smartoptics M-Series marks a revolution in fiber optical networking solutions offering a flexible approach to DWDM networking. The intelligent DWDM multiplexing platform has two key modes of operation.  As an intelligent distance extending multiplexer in an embedded DWDM system, combining the features of a telecom grade DWDM system with the simplicity and cost advantages of a passive multiplexer. And as a flexible DWDM multiplexer for any ITU standardized DWDM transponder or muxponder systems or embedded DWDM wavelengths.

M-Series is recognized in the market for offering cost effective, easy-to-use alternatives to traditional telecom-grade DWDM networking solution. To help you expand your network horizons even further we are now happy to broaden the portfolio by introducing the Smartoptics M-OADM platform. The new offering adds further flexibility to the M-Series product family through a simpler, more cost effective solution for flexible OADM networking.

M-OADM – flexible intelligent OADM networking

Smartoptics M-OADMs are designed as a simpler and lower cost alternative to R-OADMs for increased network flexibility. The new products continue in Smartoptics simple plug and forget philosophy and serve as an ideal accompaniment to the M-Series family for creating add drop and ring networks. Wherever OADM sites are required, in amplified or unamplified networks, our M-OADMs offer an excellent solution.

The new Smartoptics M-OADM platform consists of 2U intelligent auto-commissioning 4channel OADM DWDM modules.

Both are protocol transparent supporting all traffic types up to 100Gbps. The upper module contains all the node specific features such as wavelength and DCM filters.

The lower unit contains two modules: a power and management node and a second node for the network specific amplification and signal conditioning elements.

Since the power and management module is common to all sites, sparing requirements are reduced. The upper wavelength-specific element is non-traffic affecting. So in the event of a problem,  pass-through traffic is unaffected and this module can be kept as an APR stock if desired. The upper module can be removed from the network without having to remove the lower module.


Smartoptics M-OADM a new approach to flexible intelligent networking

With the new products added to the Smartoptics M-Series family, we offer the full benefit of OADM solutions supporting amplification, dispersion or monitoring.

New members of the passive M-Series family

In addition to the new M-OADM platform, the M-Series family is also expanded with a new range of passive Mux/Demux and OADM modules, all following the same M-Series wavelength plan. In case amplification, attenuation, monitoring or dispersion is required for the bypass traffic, the mid-span access (MSA) node allows access to the mid-point of the OADM. If signal conditioning is required at these points, the booster pre-amp (BPA) node allows access to the add/drop traffic.

Together the two  new OADM models allow more versatile networks to be built. Without the complication or expense of traditional approaches.

More information about the new offering can be found in the M-OADM and Mux/Demux datasheets.

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