Smartoptics celebrates 10 successful years

Smartoptics is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. The company was founded in Norway in 2006 to address the emerging demand for pluggable optical transceivers in all types of fiber optical transmission solutions. Smartoptics’ three founders all had a background from where core DWDM transport systems were being designed mainly for the telecom market. Where enterprise customers were being forced in to a solution that was simply overly complex and expensive for their needs. In addition, the telecom solutions at the time were not approved with the storage vendors making Ethernet and Fibre Channel transport more difficult than it needed to be.

10 years of revolutionizing optical networking

As pluggable CWDM transceivers became available, Smartoptics introduced the world’s first embedded xWDM systems by combining our xWDM transceivers and passive multiplexers together. Brocade saw the benefit of such an approach and approved our 4Gbps CWDM platform. Today Smartoptics still remains the only vendor in the world to be layer 1 approved for full end to end 16/8/4Gbps Fibre Channel transmission solutions with Brocade.

By using the transceiver to integrate the DWDM functionality in to the FC switch and removing the need for additional equipment, Smartoptics solutions are drastically reducing the overall cost and complexity of transmission solutions. Corporate data centers, enterprises, and campus networks have now made a sea change from active DWDM systems for synchronous data replication to embedded DWDM at a fraction of the cost.

The world’s first intelligent multiplexer platform

In 2011, Smartoptics took the next step in revolutionizing the fiber market by introducing the world’s first intelligent multiplexer platform. M-Series combines the simplicity of a passive multiplexer with the monitoring and distance extension features of a more traditional DWDM system. A versatile platform that works with embedded DWDM signals, transponders and muxponders and easily handles all todays data rates up to 100Gbps. M-Series has inbuilt distance extension to span longer distances between data centers that a passive multiplexer cannot handle. Popular for DCI, mobile backhauling and fiber exhaust where a passive multiplexer offers no management and a telecom grade DWDM system is over the top.

Disrupting the optical networking once more

To mark Smartoptics 10-year anniversary we are taking the next steps to disrupt the optical transmission market. The DCP portfolio is a modular 100Gbps transponder and muxponder family designed to overcome the limitations of 100G transceivers for scalable, plug and play short and long distance 100G transmission solutions. DCP-101 is the flagship 100G transponder, offering QSFP28 client to coherent CFP 100G DWDM line uplink. It has the lowest power consumption in the world of any 100G transponder and at half the width of 1RU is also one of the smallest. The DCP-101 marks the first step in Smartoptics’ next generation of simple and affordable 100G solutions.

10 years old and Smartoptics is as enthusiastic and as energetic as always about providing simple and cost effective enterprise grade solutions that help organisations expand their networking horizons. The first years have flown by and the market has changed a lot in that time. We look forward to serving our customers over the next 10 years.


The image was taken in Miami where the Smartoptics team went to celebrate the anniversary with a weekend of fun and reflection.