Ultimate green data center connectivity solutions

Smartoptics passive embedded xWDM (wavelength division multiplexing) systems require no power, emit no noise and only need 1U of space in the equipment rack. At the heart of our solutions is a multiplexer capable of combining up to 80 traffic channels together over a fiber pair. It’s passive. That means the device requires no maintenance so operational expenditure is limited to a spare part that can be held locally. Transporting huge amounts of data without having to use complicated and expensive telecom-based transponder systems means that the cost is a fraction of competing technologies.

The result is the ultimate green data center WDM networking solution. Exclusively approved by Brocade and its OEM partners, it provides simple and cost effective data center connectivity.  xWDM networking, without the usual hassles.

Simple. Green. Smart

  • No power
  • No noise / no emissions
  • 1U rack space
  • Plug and forget
  • Lower purchase and maintenance costs
  • CWDM / DWDM solutions
  • Approved by all the major Fibre Channel switch vendors

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