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Automated and cost-efficient solution for 100G DWDM

Smartoptics’ new 100G DWDM PAM4 solution for interconnects up to 80 km, is ideally suited for applications such as Data Center Interconnect, Metro Aggregation and Distributed Access in fixed and mobile networks.

Is the beauty of 400G worth the wait for your DCI solution?

The market is developing rapidly and there is a great need for future-proof solutions – solutions that help organizations safe-guard their investments. Therefore...

What is WDM?

Learn how using WDM will expand your network's capacity.

Airlines to hosting providers. Banks to governments

From airlines to hospitals. Banks to governmental organizations. Smartoptics helps large and small organizations to keep up with the expanding demand of data flow.

Smartoptics solutions are simple to design and install, lowering both capital and operating costs. Easy to buy. Easy to install. Easy to maintain.

Flexible and futureproof networks


At Smartoptics, we help you to get the most out of your fiber network in the new era of open networking. Get to know our product families and collections.


Strategic partner alliances

Our international team of partners offer local design, support and distribution of our optical networking solutions. We also have strategic alliances with some of the leading switch and solution vendors in the world.