Moving from operator leasing or managed services to dark fiber with Smartoptics



A new frontier in network performance

Smartoptics M-Series marks a revolution in fiber optic networking solutions. A unique 1U Open Line Networking appliance that combines the simplicity of a passive multiplexer with the features of a traditional transponder-based DWDM platform. A DWDM multiplexer with integrated channel monitoring, amplification and signal conditioning. It easily handles all of today’s data protocols up to 100Gbps per channel in a simple plug and forget approach. Corporate data centers, enterprises, and campus networks can now synchronously connect all of their storage and data traffic between sites with minimal complexity and signal latency.


passive multiplexer

DWDM Multiplexing is evolving

A passive multiplexer offers the ability to provide simple and cost effective multiplexing of traffic channels over dark fiber. But as it is passive, it cannot monitor the channels and in the event of a wrong power level or loss of signal there is no acknowledgement to the user that there is a problem.

Passive DWDM multiplexing with channel monitoring

Passive DWDM multiplexing with channel monitoring

In its first mode, M-Series is a DWDM multiplexer with integrated OSC (optical surveillance Channel) and OCM (optical channel monitoring). The OSC builds a dedicated communication channel between network nodes enabling topology discovery and fiber analysis. The OCM monitors the channels and ensures the traffic is present and at the correct levels. Link distances are dependent on the power of the transceiver and conditions of the fiber.

Passive DWDM multiplexing with channel monitoring

Passive DWDM multiplexing with channel monitoring and distance extension.

M-Series can be configured with integrated VOA (variable optical attenuator), Rx and Tx DCM (dispersion compensation modules) and Rx and Tx EDFAs (erbium doped fiber amplifiers) to extend distances between sites up to 100km. All in a 1U form factor.

Open line networking DWDM

Open line networking

M-Series is a truly open line networking platform. It works with any combination of embedded DWDM, transponder and muxponder traffic depending on the specific needs of the network. M-Series also allows assymetrical networking with an embedded DWDM transceiver at Site A and transponder Site B for example.

M-Series can be used as a flexible DWDM multiplexer for any ITU standardized DWDM transponder or muxponder system. Inputs from such systems as well as embedded DWDM wavelengths can all be used together with the M-Series for optimal networking flexibility. Traditional telecom-based transponder systems were the go-to transmission solution, offering system management and amplification for longer distances.  With M-Series, these hurdles are removed through built-in channel monitoring, amplification and signal conditioning. And so is the need for complicated systems to design, install and maintain. The result is the most compact solution available on the market.

DWDM Telco system with vertical plug in cards

Traditional DWDM platforms

  • Complex and expensive
  • Inflexible networking
  • Designed for telecom not Datacom market
  • Use of third party DWDM systems limits use of proprietary switch functions
  • Unwanted signal latency
  • Symmetric networking limits use of embedded DWDM and mid span meet architectures

fiber optic networking M-Series


  • Simple and flexible
  • Cost effective networking
  • Ideal for open networking solutions
  • Datacom not telecom product
  • Extends embedded approach
  • No special configuration in data switches
  • Passive DWDM multiplexer with longer distances and monitoring
  • Lower TCO, faster ROI

M-Series intelligent DWDM multiplexing platform, provides a cost effective plug and play solution ideal for all types of corporate data center connectivity solutions. Traditional telecom-based transponders used to be the go-to solution because they offer system management and amplification for longer distances. Something a purely passive embedded system can’t offer. With M-Series, these hurdles are removed. So is the need for complicated systems to design, install and maintain. When it comes to price, M-Series is considerably lower in cost than telecom-based systems and has minimal ongoing operational costs.

“The bigger systems used by carriers include far more than we needed. The Smartoptics M-Series platform provided the perfect fit. Its feature range is the perfect match for our current and ongoing services requirements.”
– Kate Baker, Custodian, UK.

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M-Series – Intelligent distance extending multiplexer

DWDM networking: The power of M-Series

Reduced cost

M-Series doesn’t require OEO transponders and needs fewer optical transceivers, no mechanical chassis or separate management system.  The end result: reduction in price, fewer spare parts and lower operating cost.

User friendly

Traditional telecom grade DWDM systems are inherently expensive and complicated to run. M-Series requires only a few components and little pre-requisite optical networking skills.

Reduced footprint

Small ETSI 1U footprint.  Important in locations where space is at a premium and extra rack space may not be available.

Longer distances

M-Series offers the same plug and play experience as a passive multiplexer with the distance extension and traffic monitoring capabilities of an active DWDM system.

Green data center

M-Series’ low power consumption coupled with its small footprint results in the ultimate green data solution.

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  • M-1601

    16 ch. Intelligent DWDM distance extending Mux/Demux, D921-D936, 0-200km, DWDM expansion port

  • M-1600

    16 ch. expansion unit, D943-D958, compatible with all M-1601 versions

  • M-4000

    In-Line EDFA node, D921-D960, 30dB/+24dBm, 40 or 80km DCM, 1510nm OSC port

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