M-Series from Smartoptics is a next generation platform for embedded DWDM networking. Its unique plug and play approach cleverly combines the features of a traditional DWDM system with the simplicity and cost advantages of a passive multiplexer in a compact 1U form factor. 4+4 and 16+16 channel options are available depending on capacity requirements in the network.

True protocol transparent distance extension platform

  • Intelligent 1U plug and play Mux/Demux
  • Supports all traffic protocols up to 100Gbps
  • Full traffic monitoring capabilities

Fully featured distance extension platform

  • M-Series is inbuilt with EDFA Amplifiers, DCMs and signal conditioning
  • Up to 200km point to point connectivity.

Simple operation

  • Simple plug and play platform up and running within minutes
  • No complicated installation procedures or configurations necessary
  • Just connect the DWDM transceiver in to the target switch and M-Series does the rest.


  • Redundant, hot pluggable power supplies exist for both AC and DC power
  • Network management board can be serviced in the field without traffic interruption


  • M-401

    4 DWDM channel (ITU931 to ITU934) + UPG

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  • M-4000

    Distance extension “inline-node” for M-1601, M-1600 and M-401

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  • M-1600

    16 Channels upgrade for M-1601

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  • M-1601

    16 DWDM channel (ITU921 to ITU936)

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  • M-1420s

    Intelligent DWDM multiplexer

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