Optical transmission solutions tailored to your network demands

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Dark fiber presents an increasingly attractive alternative.

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Fiber optical transmission solutions —
expanding bandwidth without the upfront investment
or hassle of traditional xWDM systems.

Need higher network capacity?

Bandwidth hungry services continue to demand high system capacity and security.  Smartoptics increases capacity without the cost and complexity of traditional DWDM system vendors

Moving from operator leasing or managed services to dark fiber?

Companies looking to boost return on investment and lower total cost of ownership are turning to Smartoptics to power their dark fibre.

Looking to update your network?

Too many companies are saddled with overly complex legacy solutions. Power your network with Smartoptics. Easy to install. More economical to maintain.

wdm mseries

Revolutionizing how fiber optical networks are built

This is the M-series

M-Series is the world’s first distance extending DWDM multiplexer. It combines the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the embedded XWDM approach with the long distance and management functionality of the traditional telecom based DWDM systems. This 1U platform is able to simultaneously handle multiple traffic channels  for distances up to 500 kilometers. Corporate data centers, campuses and enterprise networks now have an alternative to the more complex and expensive DWDM systems on the market.


Revolutionize your network services

Our products allow enterprises, corporate data centers, SAN and IP architects to build simple, powerful and cost effective solutions to meet network capacity needs. A solution fit for purpose. One that will expand to accommodate change goals today. And tomorrow.


A plug and play solution – for today and tomorrow

Too many network solutions are overly complicated. Not suited to a company’s needs. Smartoptics revolutionizes the way networks are built. Making systems that are easy to expand.  All at a reduced cost. Easy installation. Easy to implement. Easy to manage.


Decrease your network costs

With Smartoptics, enterprises gain the speed and flexibility they need, getting the most out of their fiber network performance. For the same price of a single year’s maintenance contract with traditional vendors. And with Smartoptics, operating and capital costs are lowered.

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